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Other than moving trees, it's pretty good.

Pretty creepy very nice

Ply seriously this should be an M rating :T Otherwise, really interesting

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gun wasn't clickable...

I love it. The art itself is enough for me to replay the game. It's beautiful

BeardshakerGames responds:

Thank you! :) Michael did an outstanding job to catch this special and sentimal mood in his illustrations for this game.


Really love it, except probabl ythe chaacter design of the rabbit. In any case, what's the song called? Could you PM it to me? thanks. Going to go play 2nd part now.

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That is so cute XD I love every minute of the song. Good job on the beat and the music and everything


For some reason it shows me a young man playing a piano in a manor in a dim lit room. Then it focuses on this lonely girl, sitting in a chair, eating a meal and she is all alone in such a long table. She sips her wine almost done with her meal, then it fast forwards and I see her standing near the window, looking outside. It is also raining. The man continues to play the piano as thunder cracked from the sky.. The girl turns around as if she heard him, but really she didn't for they are in different worlds. They are both lonely. sad. The girl continues to wander around her manor, looking through different rooms; no one is there. The guy is still playing, his eyes closed, you can feel the sorrow in his heart, such a deep sadness, and he expresses it through playing the piece. The girl comes to a closed room, and she feels as though she can hear someone playing the piano.The rain continues, and so does the pianist. Slowly, the girl opens the door, and when she steps inside, she sees nothing but a piano, and the man finally stops and turns around and sees that the door to his room was open. Both looked at where the other is supposedly standing; but they can't see the other. The screen fades as a drop of water breaks the calm, still river(?)


It has kind of like a medieval place or any old time place where you are the main character and you're just about to start your journey. But before that, you have some unfinished things to do, therefore you wander around to take one last look at your town/village/city whatever before taking off to a whole new world


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